Why Get a Detail?


So why get your vehicle detailed?

If you take pride in your vehicle and you take care of the things you invest your time and money into, then you probably know the answer to this question. 

Taking your car through a car wash tunnel will leave micro-scratches in your paint; not to mention any other damage it can do to the exterior of your vehicle. Think about it, even the best car wash tunnels will collect dirt in the fibers of the scrubbing brush fabric. After scrubbing vehicle after vehicle, the dirt builds up. All the soap in the world will not lubricate the surface enough to prevent the dirt particles on those brushes from scratching and marring your vehicles beautiful paint.

What about the quick car wash/detail service at your local car wash? Are they really looking out for the best interest of your vehicle? Or are they simply trying to get the job done as fast as possible? Think about it, they may use only one a bucket of soapy water for the whole job. As the bucket collects dirt and other particles, it is being rubbed back against your paint. Even with grit guards in the bucket, they do not prevent all contaminants from being picked back up by that rag or sponge. Are they simply doing a quick vacuum of the interior? What about an Armor-All wipe-down? Did you know that those greasy surface protectants actually evaporate into the air inside your vehicle? Not only do you breath in these chemicals, but they create a haze over the interior surface of your vehicle’s glass, especially the windshield, greatly degrading your visibility!


What about a DIY detail?

We love DIY projects! However, a full detail on a vehicle can take hours and hours! Most of us are too busy with our jobs and our families to be able to make the vehicle we love so much pop the way we would like it to. What’s more, is that most vehicle owners are not fully aware of how to properly wash a vehicle. They often end up putting thousands of micro scratches or swirl marks (or what we call “love marks”) into the paint that add up over time, and cause your vehicle to look far less than the best it can be. That’s where we come in!

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Why Choose Us?

We at TMD love our vehicles and take meticulous care of them. So, we take pride in bridging the gap between leading a busy life and maintaining a vehicle. We offer basic and full packages, with lots of ale-cart options so you can customize your detail according to your needs. Perhaps you have just one specific problem, like faded headlights, some minor scratches, or a few carpet stains; we do itemized details as well! 

We love what we do so with our passion for great results, we put the “detail” in Auto Detailing. We do not simply “wash cars”. Anyone can dip a sponge in a bucket of soapy water or wipe down and vacuum their vehicles interior. TMD however, will make your vehicle look the best it can with some of the best professional products available, and some good-old-fashioned elbow grease! We pay attention to the details; the nooks, the crannies, and the crevices. We correct failing or damaged areas and restore them to “like-new” condition as much as possible.

Especially now, our work is focused on leaving all surfaces not just clean, but sanitary! The protectants we use have a high durability and longevity rating, meaning they will withstand everyday use without transferring onto you.  

We do our best to keep it simple with just a handful of competitively priced packages for your interior and exterior. Additionally, there are itemized specialty services that and can be added on to your detail at your request and according to your needs.

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