Seasonal Service

Why is seasonal maintenance so important?

Here in the Northeast, we get 2 extreme seasons a year, summer and winter. So for about 6 to 8 months out of the year, your vehicle gets bombarded with things that were not designed to be gentle on car finishes. That being said, there is a solution! A seasonal prep detail right before summer and right before winter is the best way to make sure your vehicle is protected during those harsher months.


Winter can be beautiful at times, and death-defying at others! Winter is also quite possible the time when your vehicle needs the most protection. Here in the North east, not only does your vehicle have to contend with fridgid temperatures, but also with sand, mud, ice, snow, road salts and road brine. all of these are nasty on finish surfaces, especially the last two, which will literally eat your vehicle alive! Even if you rinse, or wash your vehicle off periodically during the winter months, that ice, salt, and brine were still on your paint, and did its damage. What about your interior? every time you step into your vehicle, your floor mats and carpet get hammered. Saturated with all that sand/mud, salt and brine, which can stain and ruin your mats and carpets. 

​Don’t worry, we offer protection solutions inside and out! Ceramic sealants and coatings that can withstand even the most potent road salts and brine. Also, we can not only clean your interior upholstery and carpets, but protect them. We use high grade, fabric protectants that produce a great deal of hydrophobicity on the fabric. This forms a tough barrier between the elements and all their grime and you’re beautiful upholsteries and fabrics. Click here to see the exterior and interior packages, along with the add-on services we offer, and the protection they provide.


Summer can be full of fun in the sun! However, for your vehicles paint, its plastic and vinyl surfaces, and its leather, it can be a nightmare. UV rays wreak havoc on everything they touch, and long-term exposure can be devastating. Uv rays can and will cause your paint’s clear coat to oxidize, and wear down over time to the point that its UV protection is all but gone. Then the sun’s rays can start to go to work on your color coat underneath the clear coat, and before you know it, your vehicle is a duller than dull! Interior plastics contain oils that they were manufactured with that keep them from cracking, and keep the color beautiful and rich. UV rays draw these oils to the surface and evaporate them. This not only depletes the plastics and vinyls natural protection and moisture, but it causes all the off-gasing to haze uptake inside of your vehicles glass, decreasing your visibility. The same kind of damage is done to leather surfaces. The leather will lose its color, dry out, and crack prematurely.

​We use high grade protectants for the inside and the outside of your vehicle. From ceramic sealants and coatings to protect your vehicles paint, plastic and glass, to sealants that conditioners that protect and moisturize the hard and soft surfaces inside your vehicle. Click here to learn more about ceramic coatings, and here to learn more about the protective packages we offer.